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New Hope for People with Allergies Cats

Means the next step is to bring a new hope to be Able to get an anti-allergy drug prevention and efficient. So more efeksitif peanut allergy sufferers have no doubt if you want to keep the paint, he is a Dr. Clare Bryant of the University of Cambridge, as a team leader to examine a protein found in the skin a cat, or in plain language is polish dander, the witch is Believed to be the main cause of the arrival of allergy.
This phenomenon triggers the body’s immune response to large power for allergy sufferers, causing symptoms Reviews such as sneezing, coughing, or nose. Tim found that there is a on certain pathways in our body the which will be active when exposed to allergens from cats, then after that we are faced with a bacterial toxin.

Dr. Told Bryant BBC News said that by understanding the underlying mechanism, the drug that was created as well as in clinical trials in other conditions that can be used in different ways to treat and prevent allergic to cats.

An allergic reaction will appear when the immune system overreacts to detect health threats, Reviews such as cat dander or cat hair, so it was not because of detecting the presence of bacteria or viruses that enter into the body. The results of the study itself have been published in the Journal of Immunology.

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